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August 5, 1983

I haven't written in months. Not since I found out Ranjit was pregnant. Things have been so busy.

We moved into a house together. We got married. Her family even came to the wedding. I went to India to invite them to come.

And now. We have a beautiful baby girl. Maya Kaur Elliot. She was born on August 2, 1983. She's perfect. I've taken some time off work to be with Ranjit and Maya. My two girls. They're both so beautiful.

I'm not sure I could be any happier right now.

February 9, 1982

So I've been here for over a week. We're in Nigeria, on the edge of a little village that I only just learned how to pronounce. Spelling it is out of the question. We're in two person huts. Apparently we're staying away from the populated, more established cities. Our work is out here.

The man I live with in my hut I call Oma. I don't know his full name because I think he said it five times and I still couldn't understand it. So Oma was all I got out of it. He calls me Josh, even though it doesn't sound exactly like that. It reminds me of Ranjit. She always refused to call me JD. It was always Josh. I liked that.

I think Oma is one of the most interesting people I have ever met in my life. He's not much older than me and he's already been through so much. His tribe? was killed when he was ten. It was just him and his brother. They learned magic from an old man in the village they ended up finding their way to. The spells he knows are so different than what I learned in school. He's teaching me a lot though. He views magic so differently. And Ranjit was right, the muggles believe in magic much more here, but we still keep things hidden. Everything. I don't think they would want to see the sorts of curses we are dealing with here.

The work is different than I expected, but...somewhat the same. It's not easy. It's dangerous. I'm focusing on the mundane aspects of my life rather than my work because already some of the things I've seen are not things I like to think about. We spend a lot of time in the jungle, in heavily charmed areas.

Plans have already changed. We're going to Ghana next. I don't know where we'll go from there.

I promised Jamie and Randy I'd be back. I'm going to try to keep my promise, but I don't know right now. They have Moxie. I couldn't bring her with me. I miss them. They didn't want me to go. They think it's rash, but I wanted to come. I want to be here and not in London anymore. I'll figure it out when my work here is done.

January 26, 1982

Don't fall for me.

That's what they all say. Every one of them.

I'm the pathetic best friend. I'm never the one they want. I'm never going to be.

I think it's time to move on. Get out of London. Just go somewhere far away. At least if I go away there is a reason to be lonely rather than staying in this god damned city.

I hope they're all happy.

To Do:
1. End Lease
2. Find cursebreaking job far away. Maybe Africa.
3. Who the fuck cares.

October 10? 1981

Women. How I love and hate them.

I do miss her. It is nice talking to her. She will always have a very special place in my heart. I hope we can work out this whole friends thing. It was fun playing with Brendan. Need to find that kid again. I think he liked me.

She is gorgeous and spunky and shy and fun and smart and more. I really like spending time with her. I also greatly enjoy kissing her. These two things so far are the biggest perk of being trapped inside this castle. Also the food. It means I don't have to go grocery shopping.

To Do:
1. Find new socks.
2. Find Ranjit.
3. Find information about ninjas.
4. Find Jamie/Randy.

June 12, 1980

Women. Grrrrr.

They are evil.

The nice ones are the worst of all.

I am not going out anymore.

That is all.

June 1, 1980

The old pages are gone. I will not be speaking of them again.

I should go find Randy and Jamie.

Met Randy's little sister, Lilly. Funsized one. I like her. Introducing her to Moxie later.

She's tricky though. Made me talk. And eat. She's funny though. It was okay.

To Do:
1. Clean apartment.
2. Pay someone to clean apartment.
3. Buy alcohol.
4. Buy food.
5. Buy boxers. I need new ones.
6. Move number 5 to number 1. Consider moving number 4 higher on list.
7. Lilly + Moxie.

October 8, 1980

I, Joshua Dean Elliot, have a girlfriend. I would like to officially state that here.

Starla and I were just talking. Well, she caught me sneaking a shower cause well...I explained about he living situation. She didn't think badly of me because of it. I told her I wanted her to be happy. That I didn't know what else to do. I don't have anything to offer. She said she doesn't need me to give her anything. I know that, but I wanted to. In the end though, she told me she'd be mine if I'd still have her. Of course I would!

The girl makes my head spin I'm so crazy about her. I can't get this stupid smile off my face.

I got her birthday gift. I could only afford two of the charms.

To Do:
1. Timetable for birthday.
2. Stop smiling, you look like a bloody fool.
3. Talk to Christine about birthday details.
4. Talk to Jamie.
5. Shop.
6. Work.
7. Find some place to live.